Why world peace does not exist – part 2

In the American election earlier today we can now speculate upon the governing of the senate and the congress.  Will they finally choose to cooperate or will the opposite sides continue to stop all tries to create a stronger American economy, more advancements etc?  From experience I am pretty sure the Republicans will continue to put spanner in the works for the Democrats.  The influence one person has is more important than cooperation, and creating what would be rewarding for everyone.  As soon as someone gets The Power it has to be used against everyone else’s point of view that does not match your own.

I.e. the politicians that gets our votes (of course not all of them) will not be the inspiration people would like to have to change themselves to create cooperation in the agenda of the country.  If politicians cannot drop their internal battles, what is to say that people with less smarts would?  So, an interesting conclusion would be that people without political power but with conscious ideas would have to be the inspiration that other people would like to get.  What inspires you?  Is it to hear about political gridlocks (i.e. power within US senate is not enough to govern the country if the opponents have power in congress) or to hear about people that work within communities to make everything easier and better for everyone (or at least a majority)?  So, what would happen if your point of view was not that relevant any more?  What would happen if you started to look at the big picture and you would drop your petty battles (like abortion is not a choice for women)?  For me the abortion question is ridiculous.  If I were a woman and managed to get pregnant even with several kinds of contraceptives, then I would like to have the freedom of choice to get an abortion.

That is the will of god.  Hihi, I hope I offended some people by that statement.  And also the next one.  Because I am god I can choose whatever I like.  Whatever I say, whatever I be, if you get offended and has to fight me, then peace is not a target for YOU.  Please reconsider.  Please look at your points of view.  They are killing YOU, not me.  People that have no point of view in this matter (about GOD), do they get upset, do they need to tell me I need to change my point of view?  Hell no.  They are in allowance.  Oh, if you got offended by this and still be reading, DO YOU TRULY HAVE A TARGET OF WORLD PEACE?


What will it take for Obama and Romney to cooperate?

What would happen if you actually had a target of getting rid of your points of view?  Would that give you more choice or less choice?  Would it give you more peace or less peace?  I am happy to say that I am getting more and more peaceful each day, as well as more happy and joyful.  YES!!!  It is because I am dropping a lot of my previously entrained points of view.

But YOU cannot do it.  Only I can.  Only I am courageous enough to be different.  Only I am smart and conscious enough to create an easier, more joyful and more happy life.  YOU are not fast enough, or clever enough or enough well-equipped.  Hehe… does this trigger anything in YOU?  Are you getting potent enough yet to give me the finger; the FUCK YOU?  I was hoping it would.  Why would I be the only one with free choice?  Did it work?  The reversed empowerment (of you)?  Most of the time it does.  People that are really interested in change become triggered to choose their creative, generative, spirited sides of themselves to choose to step up to a “challenge” like that.  NEW TOOL!!!  When you wanna spark an ignition within people, tell them that they cannot do or be it.

I have a last question for YOU.  Who or What has to change for YOU to start being the inspiration for yourself and other people to be the change?  And what will it take for your change to be a spark for more World Peace?