10,000 people truly in consciousness

What do you know about consciousness?  Do you even have a clue what it is?  Can you have peace without consciousness?  Probably not.  True peace will arise when you have no points of views, i.e. no thoughts, feelings or emotions.  Access Consciousness has a definition of consciousness and it is: Consciousness includes everything and judges nothing.  That is so great I had to underline it.  Ok, great, now I know what consciousness could be.  What about 10,000 people truly in consciousness?  What the heck is that?  Pardon my French.  If you have problems with my wonderful English, will you please read my previous article about Is peace real?

Did you know that the Transcendental Meditation movement conducted loads of experiments regarding lowering crime in the 1970s and 1980s?  They even constructed a formula for how many people involved that would be required for creating “peace”.  You can google Transcendental Meditation and Square root and find this information.  Do you also know how many people it is?  The square root of 1%.  WOOOOT?  You might think I have no idea what that is.  Well, I do, because I took a Master’s of Science at University.  =))  Ok, so assume 1 million people live in your town/city, call it what you like….  1% of 1 million people, how many is that?  That would be 10,000 people.  And then the square root of 10,000 is 100.  I.e. so, in a country the size of New Zeeland, with about 4 million people this would be: 1% of 4 million is 40,000.  And square root of 40,000 is 200.  Or how about Tokyo with almost 36 million people.  The answer is 600.  Do you see the pattern?

How many people does the world have?  About 7 billion people.  Ok, so let’s apply some math here.  1% of 7 billion is 70 million.  And square root of 70 million is 8368 people.  I.e. so in the city of Tokyo, as low as 600 people truly in consciousness could create Tokyo-peace.  And in the world, as low as 8368 people truly in consciousness would create world peace.  Wow… who would know?  I know.  And now you can know too, if you would like.  And Gary Douglas, the founder of Access Consciousness states: “1,000 people truly in consciousness will change the face of government.  And 10,000 people truly in consciousness will change the face of the world.”  Do 10,000 people truly in consciousness and changing the face of the world have a big similarity to world peace (i.e. no crime) and the formula from the TM-movement?

For me it said click, click, click immediately when I read the information from a TM-article or if it was Gregg Braden mentioning it.  Whatever, that was the day I knew I would assist in creating world peace.  Do you know you will create world peace?  Do you also know I am not 8368 people?  Haha, quite obvious?  I can create peace for me, AND a few people around me (i.e. 100 people).  But to create world peace we need you, and you, and you.  Are you this you we are looking for?  Or 10,000 people truly in consciousness?

What if world peace is achievable within 100 years?  Gary Douglas is keeping track of how many people that are actually truly in consciousness in this moment.  Last time I heard him mention a number it was over 900 people, and it seems to grow by about 200 people every year (or a lot more).  You can also get a number if you just ask the question.  “How many people are truly in consciousness in this moment?”  And what will it take for you to be truly in consciousness?

NEW TOOL!!!  Well, I seem to have a lot of answers even though I ask you to live in the question all the time.  I have an exercise that will bring you closer to be fully in consciousness.  How unusual?  Haha.  I am being silly now.  But you are still reading?  How did I get so lucky?  Are you still tempted to know what you can do?  Well, it is not a doing.  Doing will only take you back to what you already have learnt.  Choosing consciousness can of course be as simple as this: Perceive the you that you are when you are truly in consciousness.  Now bring that you here and now, and choose to be it.  That is how simple it can be.  Are you willing for it to be simple and easy?  Did you know choice can be THAT powerful? Well, what if choice is that powerful?  Are you willing to start choosing more of what you would like to see in the world? Everything that does not allow that will you please Destroy and Uncreate all of that?  Thank you!  And what generative energy, space and consciousness can you and your body be, know, receive and perceive to be truly in consciousness now and in the future?  Everything not allowing that will you please Destroy and Uncreate all of that?  Thank you again!!

Is peace becoming a reality for you?  Is now the time?  Will being you change the world?  Welcome to a new reality.  It is your choice.  “Choice creates awareness.  Awareness does not create choice.” Quote from Dr Dain Heer.