What can I be or do when people’s travelling schedules are not met?

When sitting here in the train car and the train personal told us the regular train route are not working properly and that we will be 10 minutes late I came to a conclusion.  I will be late.  Now after another message from the personnel that the signals along the way are not working properly and that we will be 30 minutes late I came to a another conclusion.  I will be even later.

Though, after going into question, like “wait a minute, what can I be or do?”, something changed.  I realized that I am not pathetic and that I actually can be or do a lot.  Especially after I heard that there is a signal problem.  I.e. possibly some electrical or digital information problem.  One of my specialties is tampering with the electrical and digital data.  So I asked myself another question, “What energy, space and consciousness can me and my body be, know, receive and perceive to create a different reality with the signal systems, the time schedules and everything else I have not thought of to arrive with ease, joy and glory?”, then the shift came.  The train started to move without stopping again.  “What else is possible?” is a much better attitude than “I will be late”.  This attitude of being in the question also creates a lightness in my universe and removes a lot of the thoughts, feelings and emotions about being cranky, annoyed, frustrated and the like.  Also, I stop buying into other people’s realities that we will be late, or that everything is crap about this delay.

What to do when trips cancelled?

What to do when trips cancelled?

So, what can you be or do whenever there is a possible delay in the traffic in the future?  What I became aware of the last few years is that “The reality is NOT creating my thoughts, feelings and emotions.  My thoughts, feelings and emotions IS creating my reality.”  My advice for you is to change your perspective from “I will be late” to “What else is possible?”.  A similar thing “happened” this morning when I was about to leave my apartment building.  The lock to the gate did not work properly.  So I tried to open it and gave up.  And thought I have to go through the other exit.  Instead I could have been in the question of “What else is possible?”.  Fortunately a person came through the gate from the other side, and then I realized that I had not asked all the questions or be all the questions I could have.  That is, I came to another conclusion, that the gate cannot be opened by me.

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