Why world peace does not exist – part 2

In the American election earlier today we can now speculate upon the governing of the senate and the congress.  Will they finally choose to cooperate or will the opposite sides continue to stop all tries to create a stronger American economy, more advancements etc?  From experience I am pretty sure the Republicans will continue to put spanner in the works for the Democrats.  The influence one person has is more important than cooperation, and creating what would be rewarding for everyone.  As soon as someone gets The Power it has to be used against everyone else’s point of view that does not match your own.

I.e. the politicians that gets our votes (of course not all of them) will not be the inspiration people would like to have to change themselves to create cooperation in the agenda of the country.  If politicians cannot drop their internal battles, what is to say that people with less smarts would?  So, an interesting conclusion would be that people without political power but with conscious ideas would have to be the inspiration that other people would like to get.  What inspires you?  Is it to hear about political gridlocks (i.e. power within US senate is not enough to govern the country if the opponents have power in congress) or to hear about people that work within communities to make everything easier and better for everyone (or at least a majority)?  So, what would happen if your point of view was not that relevant any more?  What would happen if you started to look at the big picture and you would drop your petty battles (like abortion is not a choice for women)?  For me the abortion question is ridiculous.  If I were a woman and managed to get pregnant even with several kinds of contraceptives, then I would like to have the freedom of choice to get an abortion.

That is the will of god.  Hihi, I hope I offended some people by that statement.  And also the next one.  Because I am god I can choose whatever I like.  Whatever I say, whatever I be, if you get offended and has to fight me, then peace is not a target for YOU.  Please reconsider.  Please look at your points of view.  They are killing YOU, not me.  People that have no point of view in this matter (about GOD), do they get upset, do they need to tell me I need to change my point of view?  Hell no.  They are in allowance.  Oh, if you got offended by this and still be reading, DO YOU TRULY HAVE A TARGET OF WORLD PEACE?


What will it take for Obama and Romney to cooperate?

What would happen if you actually had a target of getting rid of your points of view?  Would that give you more choice or less choice?  Would it give you more peace or less peace?  I am happy to say that I am getting more and more peaceful each day, as well as more happy and joyful.  YES!!!  It is because I am dropping a lot of my previously entrained points of view.

But YOU cannot do it.  Only I can.  Only I am courageous enough to be different.  Only I am smart and conscious enough to create an easier, more joyful and more happy life.  YOU are not fast enough, or clever enough or enough well-equipped.  Hehe… does this trigger anything in YOU?  Are you getting potent enough yet to give me the finger; the FUCK YOU?  I was hoping it would.  Why would I be the only one with free choice?  Did it work?  The reversed empowerment (of you)?  Most of the time it does.  People that are really interested in change become triggered to choose their creative, generative, spirited sides of themselves to choose to step up to a “challenge” like that.  NEW TOOL!!!  When you wanna spark an ignition within people, tell them that they cannot do or be it.

I have a last question for YOU.  Who or What has to change for YOU to start being the inspiration for yourself and other people to be the change?  And what will it take for your change to be a spark for more World Peace?

How do you feel after you have had sex?

For me it is always relaxing.  Do you know this kind of relaxation where you wanna fall asleep directly?  Well, what if this tiredness that some of you perceive is not really being tired, but just really really relaxed?  Your body is shaking and, what if you have misidentified and misapplied vibrantly alive as being tired?  Since you rarely go into being alive you think it is something else.  True or false?

Yes, I might be one of the fortunate.  I choose nice girls that will not challenge me into something I do not want.  Who do you choose?  Is it someone (somebody) that is nurturing for you and your body?  Or is it someone with lots of money?  Or someone with good looks and no sense of what is great for you and your body?  Did you know that some bodies will be more compatible with your body than others?  I am not talking about colors or sizes now, or even male or female bodies.  Have you ever met a man or a woman and even if they were not really nice, maybe even assholes, their bodies gave you a pleasant surprise?  It was not the sexual positions that made it.  It was not the looks of the person.  It was not even the attraction to their personal attitudes.  Their body was enjoying yours as much as your body was enjoying theirs.  Yes, I am not assuming that you are your body.  What do I mean by that?  Since I perceive that we can live lifetime after lifetime with different body types (i.e. bodies), then I do not claim that the body is me.  What if the body has its own points of view?

Can you even enjoy sex with an ugly person, a person of the wrong cultural background, a person with wrong size, a person without money, etc?  What would happen if you had no points of view about looks, cultural background, size or money?  Could you actually like and love having sex with a body (person) you do not even know?

NEW TOOL!!!  Here is an exercise for you that might give you chills on the back.  😉  Go out on the street or stay in a café, wherever.  Now take a look around and choose a body randomly.  Old or young, ugly or beautiful, fat or slim, take anyone, JUST DON’T judge the body (because of the person behind the body).  Did you see a young girl?  Well, now ask your body if that body (belonging to the young girl) would be fun and nurturing to play with?  Yes if you perceive a light sensation, no if you perceive a heavy.  Now choose another random body.  Maybe a “normal” male body 1-10 years older or younger than your body.  Continue this exercise till you have realized what kind of energy the body your body would like to play with has, or until you have realized that the looks, size, shape, or even sex does not matter for YOUR body.  It only matters for YOUR points of view.  True or false?  P.S.  did you find an “ugly” old male or female body that your body wanted to play with?  What if your points of view have everything to do with how much fun and caring your body can have?

Inner Yard

If you did not use your 5 senses, what do you perceive about this Inner Yard?

Here is a picture of an inner yard in Malmö, Sweden where I lived.  Can you even perceive if it looks nice, ugly, brown or peaceful?  Well, if you disregard your 5 senses and your judgments, what do you perceive?  It is a knowing, not something you can determine through analyzing, defining, mapping or similar.  When you look at another body, man, woman, boy or girl, can you perceive if this body would be fun and nurturing for you and your body?

Back to the question of what you feel after you have had sex.  If you have practiced the tool above, and maybe even spent time with that body you found, what sensations are you now willing to receive?  Is it more or less sexual?  Did you know that most females have sex to create relationships?  And that most males have relationships to get sex?  If you stepped out of that behavior what would be available for you?  Greater relationships, greater sex or both?

I would also like to look at the peace you do create in relationships.  When you promise your spouse or boyfriend/girlfriend that you are not going to have sex with another person, does it create peace or aggravation?  I think it only creates a sense of false peace that leads to irritation and frustration.  Why?  Well, are you an unlimited or limited being?  I know that you think you are limited.  What do you sense is more true?  That you are actually capable of doing and being anything or that you can only do so much?  And how much sense of peace do you get when someone tells you that you can ONLY have sex with one person?  None, some or a lot?  So, what if peace is connected to ALL your points of view, including those around your choices around sex?  I.e. ESPECIALLY THOSE AROUND SEX.  Hehe, how many times have you actually felt frustrated as hell because you are not getting the “sex” you and your body really are longing for?  What energy, space and consciousness can you and your body be, know, receive and perceive to be, do, have, create and generate the sex you would like to be and have?

Why we do not have world peace

Peace on earth has been spoken about since the creation of wars.  War was created based on the idea of getting either more power of land, resources, people, just for fun or all of them.  As soon as the idea of I do not have enough of this, the creation of the polarity of having enough and not having enough arose.  What would happen if you did not have any point of view at all?  Would you then have if you so desired?

Let’s look at your own situation for a while.  Are you joyful?  Truly joyful like a baby?  No, of course not, your answer might be.  Are you stressed out?  Are you depressed?  Are you angry?  Are you afraid of this and that?  If an answer to one of these 4 questions are yes then it is no wonder if you lack of peace.  Ok, so now imagine that you actually read this article, you that are seemingly interested in this, you lack peace.  And just imagine what are other people that are not interested in this actually lack of?  Do you get where I am going with this?  What if people that are not interested in world peace or inner peace actually are not interested in it because they love their trauma, drama, upset, intrigue and war?

Would we have peace if we somehow could observe ourselves?

Would we have peace if we somehow could observe ourselves?

My interesting point of view is that a big majority of people love their trauma, drama, upset and intrigue a lot more than joy and peace.  Am I delusional or am I actually looking at what is?  What do you know?  Do you know any person between ages 30 – 65 that are actually joyful and peaceful a majority of their time?  I know a few and they are all in Access Consciousness except for Sri Sri Ravi Shankar in Art of Living (i.e. I have not met you yet, wanna meet me?  I would love to meet you).

Is world peace existing according to me?  No, not as long as the defense of this reality exist.  Say what?  As long as you or your family, friends or colleagues love their trauma, drama, upset and intrigue more than the possibility and choosing peace and joy then you are defending this reality.  I.e. you are defending the limitation of the point of views of this reality and that world peace does not exist.

What can I be or do when people’s travelling schedules are not met?

When sitting here in the train car and the train personal told us the regular train route are not working properly and that we will be 10 minutes late I came to a conclusion.  I will be late.  Now after another message from the personnel that the signals along the way are not working properly and that we will be 30 minutes late I came to a another conclusion.  I will be even later.

Though, after going into question, like “wait a minute, what can I be or do?”, something changed.  I realized that I am not pathetic and that I actually can be or do a lot.  Especially after I heard that there is a signal problem.  I.e. possibly some electrical or digital information problem.  One of my specialties is tampering with the electrical and digital data.  So I asked myself another question, “What energy, space and consciousness can me and my body be, know, receive and perceive to create a different reality with the signal systems, the time schedules and everything else I have not thought of to arrive with ease, joy and glory?”, then the shift came.  The train started to move without stopping again.  “What else is possible?” is a much better attitude than “I will be late”.  This attitude of being in the question also creates a lightness in my universe and removes a lot of the thoughts, feelings and emotions about being cranky, annoyed, frustrated and the like.  Also, I stop buying into other people’s realities that we will be late, or that everything is crap about this delay.

What to do when trips cancelled?

What to do when trips cancelled?

So, what can you be or do whenever there is a possible delay in the traffic in the future?  What I became aware of the last few years is that “The reality is NOT creating my thoughts, feelings and emotions.  My thoughts, feelings and emotions IS creating my reality.”  My advice for you is to change your perspective from “I will be late” to “What else is possible?”.  A similar thing “happened” this morning when I was about to leave my apartment building.  The lock to the gate did not work properly.  So I tried to open it and gave up.  And thought I have to go through the other exit.  Instead I could have been in the question of “What else is possible?”.  Fortunately a person came through the gate from the other side, and then I realized that I had not asked all the questions or be all the questions I could have.  That is, I came to another conclusion, that the gate cannot be opened by me.